Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 19 March, 2023

The Elastos ecosystem is entering a new era with the upcoming launch of Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS), which will replace Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as one of the three pillars of Elastic Consensus. The Gelaxy Team is preparing for the transition. Meanwhile, the Elastos Smart Contract Chain (ESC) browser upgrade has been completed, and the Elastos IdentityChain (EID) browser upgrade is ongoing.

Essentials released version 3.0.3 of their wallet with improved Tron network features and optimized the UI for red packet activity and the upcoming BPoS. The Carrier and Hive teams made optimizations and improvements to their code to enhance performance. The Feeds team deployed two Nostr relay nodes integrated with Elastos DID, and the winners of the Nostr/Elastos article contest were also announced, with first and second prizes awarded.

Main Chain

  • Preparing for the BPoS launch, which includes updates to parameters and finalizing the upgrade process.
  • Continued testing the forging of staked ELA into NFTs and addressed any discovered issues.
  • Added an RPC interface called “getnftinfo” for querying voting information in NFTs.
  • Enhanced the main chain browser to support forged NFT transactions.

ESC Side Chain

  • Completed the verification of ELink, LNBridge, and other contracts in the upgraded EVM environment.
  • Passed “retesteth” tests.
  • Completed the ESC browser upgrade and fixed known issues.
  • Resolved duplicate signatures issues in the lightning network cross-chain bridge.

EID Side Chain

  • Continued the development of upgrading the EID browser to the latest code.


  • Improved Tron’s freeze/unfreeze transaction handling.
  • Optimized the UI process and transition when creating or opening a red envelope.
  • Conducted some exploratory attempts to obtain price info for certain tokens from DEX.
  • Renamed DPoS 2.0 to BPoS based on the proposal from the Growth Team.
  • Tested BPoS related features, fixed discovered issues, and improved UI/UX.
  • Enhanced WalletConnect connection stability and session recovery.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with the in-app browser in the iOS version.
  • Addressed bugs in the Identity app.
  • Released EE 3.0.3 for iOS and Android.


  • Tested and verified the external interface of the Node module in Native DHT and updated relevant test cases.
  • Organized the export header files and code structure of Native DHT based on the needs of the extension service module.
  • Resolved the problem of running errors in FindValue function test cases in Native DHT.
  • Completed the protocol docking and testing verification between Native ActiveProxy Client and Java ActiveProxy Server.
  • Improved and optimized the implementation of Active Proxy Client/Server based on tests.
  • Developed a Native DHT shell program with interactive commands, referring to the Java implementation.
  • Solved the cross-compilation problem of Native DHT project in the iOS environment.
  • Officially opened the source code repositories of Java and Native Nodes.


  • Supported obtaining vault data backup status through WebSocket.
  • Refined the data processing logic in the database/files service dependencies within Hive Node.
  • Optimized the Collection database implementation in the Scripting module.

Feeds MobileApp

  • Completed the deployment of two Nostr Relay nodes integrated with Elastos DID.
  • Completed the modification and integration of the iOS Damus app with DID and released it for internal testing on testflight.
  • Verifying the integration of Android Amethyst with DID and its interaction with deployed Relay nodes.

The Gelaxy Team and Trinity Team


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