Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 19 Feb, 2023

The Elastos Dev Teams continue to work on the solid infrastructure of the Elastos tech stack. Multi-signature functionality provides increased security to prevent fraud or theft. Both Schnoor and regular multi-sign capabilities are complete on the Main Chain. As announced a couple weeks ago, the ESC is being upgraded. Development of the EVM is being worked on and the testing of the cross-chain bridge with the Bitcoin Lightning network is in progress. The Essentials wallet continues to add more networks into its repertoire with the Tron network being next on the list. Carrier, the decentralized peer to peer framework that manages traffic amongst nodes, added different optimization and implementation on its DHT, or Distributed Hash Table functionality. These actions help the Carrier store and retrieve data more efficiently. 

Nostr is a popular decentralized messaging dApp that has caught the attention of social media recently. Based on its popularity, the Feeds dApp is in the process of integrating Elastos DID technology into the Nostr client applications and Nostr Relay, allowing for creation and importing of DIDs. Overall, Elastos is working on enhancing the security, functionality, and compatibility of its tech stack, while also collaborating with popular dApps like Nostr to integrate its decentralized identity solution and further expand its ecosystem.

Main Chain

  • Completed development to support CR and DPoS related functions for multi-signature accounts, supporting two types of multi-signature solutions: Schnorr and regular multi-signature.
  • Completed development to turn ELA staked in DPoS 2.0 into NFTs and began system testing.

ESC Chain

  • Continued development of upgrading EVM and conducted compatibility testing for contracts, ABI libraries, and others, and fixed any issues found.
  • Continued development to ensure compatibility with Ethereum’s RPC.
  • Completed development of multi-address recharge function and began testing.
  • Completed testing for payment process via cross-chain bridge with BTC Lightning Network and fixed issues found.

EID Chain

  • Started to upgrade the EID browser to the latest version of Blockscout.


  • Started to add support for Tron network, currently still under development.
  • Improved transaction record handling and information display.
  • Fixed some issues related to UI navigation in CR council application.
  • Improved support for Glide and fixed issues where transaction records on Glide could not be displayed properly.
  • Optimized stability of WalletConnect sessions.
  • Fixed crashing issue with in-app browser on iOS when using ela.city.
  • Improved screen adaptation of the password keypad on iOS.


  • Implemented Native Secure DHT to support secure communication between DHT nodes through encrypted protocol data.
  • Conducted joint debugging with Java DHT nodes to enable S/Kad messages to be exchanged between Java DHT nodes and Native DHT nodes.
  • Optimized the native DHT message engine and handling mechanism for sending messages that have timed out.
  • Implemented Native DHT local data cache mechanism to solve abnormal memory issues with data persistence.
  • Used Valgrind tool to solve Native DHT memory issues.
  • Added Native test cases and solved issues discovered during testing.
  • Conducted development for proxy service on the device side after NAT.
  • Supported community project in solving deployment and development issues with Carrier V1 services.

Feeds MobileApp

  • Evaluated the development plan for integrating Elastos DID technology into the Nostr client application Damus.
  • Implemented creation and import of DID in Nostr iOS Damus and importing of Elastos DID through scanning Mnemonics QR code.
  • Integrated DID into Nostr Android amethyst application and sent messages to deployed Nostr Relay.
  • Evaluated development plan for integrating Elastos DID technology into Nostr Relay.
  • Integrated DID into Nostr relay based on Nostream structure.