Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 16 April, 2023

The transition to Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS) has been the main priority of the Elastos core team recently. The Main chain browser has been upgraded and supports new transaction types, such as BNFT. The ESC chain has completed deploying and upgrading BPoS NFT-related contracts. In addition, updates have been completed on the ESC chain and EID browsers. 

Essentials continues to add support for more blockchains into its wallet. The Cosmos Hub (ATOM) network is the latest ecosystem to be integrated. Essentials has also improved its blockchain browser and overall support for the ESC network. The initial version of Carrier 2.0 was recently released. The Trinity Tech team has made several updates to Carrier 2.0, including bug fixes and support for other functionality.

Recent developments have also been executed on the Elastos Social Media dApp Feeds. DIDs were successfully integrated into the iOS Damus and Android Amethyst apps to synthesize the Feeds Timeline feature better.

Main Chain

  • Fixed the issue where nodes were unable to establish a DPoS consensus network under special circumstances.
  • Continued testing for Schnorr signatures.
  • Upgraded the main chain browser to support new transaction types such as BNFT.

ESC Chain

  • Completed the deployment and upgrade for BPoS NFT related contracts.
  • Began developing underlying code for the ESC browser.

EID Chain

  • Added node version data to the EID consensus network to collect info about node version.
  • Changed the EID code repository to go mod mode, while removing dependency on the Elastos.SideChain repository.
  • Completed EID browser underlying code updates.


  • Developed support for Cosmos Hub (ATOM) network.
  • Fixed balance processing issues for TRC20 token transfers on Tron network.
  • Improved support for various networks on blockchain browsers.
  • Updated dApp list.
  • Improved support for ESC network, as well as error and log handling.
  • Wrote user tutorials for BPoS related features.

Carrier 2.0

  • Fixed bug in Carrier Native’s internal routing table split.
  • Improved Carrier Native’s log output, supporting log level and output target via configuration file setting.
  • Supported CI for Carrier Native/Java repository to verify new code submissions.
  • Created Debian installation package for Carrier Native’s launcher service.
  • Developed Windows platform porting for Carrier Native to support Windows.
  • Identified and fixed occasional decryption failures of DHT messages between Carrier Native nodes.
  • Implemented iOS version Swift interface encapsulation based on Carrier Native version.
  • Updated and added deployment of Carrier Super Nodes, while updating configuration files for Carrier Native/Java.
  • Began experimenting with Dynamic DNS services, API and web front-end services for supernodes.


  • Optimized the implementation of Hive Node’s Application Collection.

Feeds MobileApp

  • Removed dependencies on domains to be removed from the Feeds native app.
  • Updated the redirect URL for the Feeds native app, and unified the use of URLs for Trinity-Tech related applications.
  • Completed integration of DID for iOS Damus and Android Amethyst apps, and completed Relay’s support for DID.
  • Fixed issue where Android Amethyst app could not create/restore DID after integrating DID.
  • Verified Feeds channel mechanism implementation solution based on Nostr protocol.

The Gelaxy Team and Trinity Team


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