Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 08 Jan, 2023

The Elastos Core Teams have recently released new updates and fixes to the Elastos technology stack. Among these updates, the Essentials feature has added yet another blockchain to its multi-chain wallet, which now supports the Cosmos-based EVM-compatible EVMOS. With this addition, Essentials will have a total of 19 interconnected blockchains available on its fully decentralized Web 3 wallet. The development team has also engaged in various debugging activities related to the Elastos Carrier to ensure improved performance and safer navigation. Additionally, the Elastos Smartcontract Chain(ESC) is undergoing an upgrade that will make it compatible with the EVM and the new DPoS 2.0. The primary objective of this update is to prepare for migration towards DPoS 2.0, which is expected to result in better decentralization, security, and stability for the network overall.

Essentials wallet

– Released v3.0.1 version to fix known issues;

– Added support for EVMOS network; 

– Cleared all local cached data when main wallet is deleted; 

– Optimized and improved the local cache implementation of transaction records; 

– When loading Council members’ avatars fails in CR Proposal dApp, it would use the default avatar; 

– Improved the display error on transaction history page when network related issues occur;

– Improved error handling when initiating transactions with insufficient balance; 

– Fixed the issue that the same widget may appear multiple times on Home screen; 

– Fixed the error when deleting the default widget;

– Fixed an issue relating to wallet balance not updating properly;

– Fixed an issue that occurred when transferring tokens from ESC to mainchain if all tokens were selected;

– Fixed an issue in which some ERC tokens on ETH could cause operation failure.


– Optimized the implementation of Task and Message modules in Carrier Native DHT; 

– Completed the basic data types, such as NodeInfo/Value/Id, in Native DHT; improved  the core modules, such as DHT/RoutingTable, in Native DHT; 

– Debugged and ran the message engine module in Native DHT to resolve internal issues;

– Debugged and ran the implementation of related API, such as FindNode, StoreValue and FindValue, in Native DHT; 

– Supplemented test cases for Native DHT; 

– Implemented NAT relay service in Java Super Node.


– Improved the Backup/Migration feature in the HiveHub webApp based on test feedback.


– Continued testing DPoS 2.0 and fixed problems found during the test. DPoS 2.0 is a major upgrade of the Elastos main chain consensus, intended to improve the decentralization, stability and security of the consensus network. 

– Reviewed the code for features that support CR for multi-signature accounts and started testing. 

– Adjusted the transaction structure for pledging ELA on the main chain to ESC chain assets to support multiple sidechains, and fixed any issues that were discovered. This feature can improve the utilization rate of ELA pledged in DPoS 2.0 consensus, increase assets on the ESC chain, and diversify the asset application of Elastos. 

– Upgraded the main chain browser to support displaying address tags on the leaderboard and view address rankings.

ESC Sidechain

– Worked on ESC upgrade plan for sidechain EVM, and prepared for the upcoming code migration.


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