Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 05 Feb, 2023

The Elastos ecosystem has made significant progress with its development, pushing the boundaries of decentralized technology. Multi-signature accounts can now participate in DPoS and CR tasks due to new features being implemented. Elastos Smart Contract (ESC) chain’s block explorer was recently upgraded to the latest Blockscout version. In addition, internal testing is underway to implement cross-chain communication between ESC and Bitcoin’s Lightning network. The Carrier network was extensively tested and enhanced to ensure reliability and scalability. The team has also explored new frontiers, such as the Nostr NIP protocol and the integration of DIDs, opening up new possibilities for the future. These updates and advancements are a testament to the ingenuity and commitment of the Elastos community and bode well for a future where the decentralized web is accessible, secure, and genuinely user-centric.

Main Chain:

  • Resolved a potential problem with consensus view switching and carried out internal testing.
  • Enabled standard multisignature accounts to participate in DPoS and CR-related activities through new features and tested these features.
  • Revamped the node monitoring program with an added feature to monitor CR Council elections or other events.
  • Performed a test of minting staked ELA in DPoS 2.0 as NFTs and fixed the issues discovered during the test.

ESC Side Chain:

  • Enhancements were made to the ESC consensus network protocol, including the addition of node version information for easier version checking.
  • Explored zero-knowledge proof and demonstrated age restrictions using Circom in a completed demo.
  • Upgraded the ESC block explorer to the latest Blockscout version: Imported the old version of the verification contract data into the new browser using an SQL script; Verified and tested the data after import.
  • Implemented basic cross-chain integration with the BTC lightning network and initiated internal testing.


  • Fixed occasional failures in cross-chain transfers.
  • Improved integration with third-party EVM-compatible chains and fixed several issues.
  • Several bugs in the CR Proposal application were fixed.
  • An issue where the Identity application occasionally had parameter errors when importing DIDs was resolved.
  • Improved the user experience with widgets on the home screen.
  • The cumulative updates were packaged into a new version 3.0.2, which was tested, validated, and released.
  • Fixed the problem of crashes on certain device models in Essentials.
  • Improved the UI processing of the RedPacket application when the current network is the ESC network.
  • Updated and improved Gnosis Network integration.
  • Improved user interaction UI/UX for initiating transactions in Ledger wallets.
  • Improved the implementation of obtaining the wallet address in the Ledger wallet.
  • Improved user information feedback when the mobile phone has no network.
  • Tracked user feedback for version 3.0.2.


  • Tested the Native DHT and fixed problems such as handling across threads, managing Lookup tasks, and object lifecycle.
  • Resolved the issue of not being able to find close nodes in the Native DHT, causing the store value interface to be abnormal.
  • Improved the implementation of the StoreValue/FindValue/AnnouncePeer/FindPeer interfaces in the Native DHT.
  • Complemented the internal module and external interface test cases in the Native DHT to solve issues found during testing.
  • Resolved the implementation problem of the FindValue test case in the Native DHT.
  • Completed the implementation of NAT service exposure on the super node side and began the implementation on the device side.
  • Provided support for Carrier 1.x to community projects and resolved issues with Carrier 1.x using the latest Xcode toolchain.


  • Studied the Nostr NIP protocol.
  • Evaluated the technical feasibility of integrating DID with Nostr.

The Gelaxy Team and Trinity Team


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