Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 02 Dec 2022

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Improved the transaction request processing of the wallet and improved the support for CR-related transactions
– Fixed the problem that the wallet did not display small sidechain recharge transactions in some cases
– Fixed the problem that the wallet displayed abnormal historical transaction amounts on some devices
– Tested the multi-signature wallet and fixed the problems found
– Added chainlist.org as new suggested dApp for all EVM compatible chains
– Fixed the balance information displayed by the wallet component in the home screen and the synchronization problem of the wallet
– Improved the implementation of the Connectivity SDK according to the requirements, as well as support for DID-related requirements
– Started WalletConnect v2 integration and added session date display
– Fixed the problem that SushiSwap cannot connect to WalletConnect normally in in-app browser
– In-app browser added support for URL history and quick inputs
– Fixed the in-app browser occasionally freezing the page when selecting reload from the menu
– Fixed CryptoName’s address update bug
– Improved the processing of screen jump after starting Essentials through Intent
– According to community feedback, adjusted and improved the UI and related implementation of CR Suggestions
– DPoS dApp removed dependency on elanodes website
– Fixed the problem of Hive data loading after switching from mainnet to testnet in development mode
– Conducted regression testing of DPoS 2.0 related functions
– Conducted regression testing for Essentials 3.0 release

– Optimized the naming of the package plan of the Pricing Plan module in Hive Node
– Optimized the database service code in Hive Node, and improved the interface documentation
– Implemented command-line tools to fetch files from Vault via Hive URL
– Optimized exception handling of Hive JS SDK
– Optimized JS SDK service interface description and unified interface style
– JS SDK removed the browserFS dependency library, reducing the size of the JS SDK release package
– Optimized the display of some pages such as Home/Explore/MyNodes in HiveHub
– Implemented HiveHub webApp UI/UX Design v2
– Optimized the exception handling of the HiveHub webApp page, improved the My Vault page, and used the Hive Node interface internally
– Refer to the JS SDK to implement and improve the encryption interface of the Hive Swift SDK and add test cases

– Refer to Java DHT to improve the implementation of Node-related modules of Native DHT
– Solved the problem of log path conflict in the Java super node test environment
– Fixed the bug that Java super node message parsing is slow
– Carried out the special test of Java Super Node for DHT routing table, and optimized the routing table implementation according to the test results

– Refer to the encryption interface implementation of JS DID to implement the encryption interface of Swift DID SDK
– Solved the problem that pod spec lint verification fails when libsodium is used in Swift SDK
– Supplemented the serialize method of CredentialList class in Swift SDK

– Continued with DPoS 2.0 consensus testing and fixing issues found during testing. DPoS 2.0 is an important upgrade of the elastos main chain consensus, which is conducive to improving the decentralization of the elastos network and increasing the stability and security of the consensus network.
– Developed functions that support multi-signature account registration DPoS nodes, and prepared test data for self-test.
– Carried out the functional development of the ELA mint pledged on the main chain as an asset on the ESC chain, adjusted the payload structure of the NFT destruction and withdrawal of the main chain and added the RPC interface for querying the destroyable NFT, and started preparing the test plan. This function can improve the utilization rate of pledged ELA in the DPoS 2.0 consensus, increase the assets on the ESC chain, and enrich the diversity of elastos asset applications.
– Completed the test of the original text of the main chain browser proposal, leaderboard pagination and other functions.

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