BeatFarm: Direct and Profitable Superfan Connections on Elastos

Elastos BeatFarm

Earlier this year, we announced a collaboration with BeatFarm, a project working to disrupt the music industry with a Superfan dApp. So, what is a Superfan dApp? In this article, we will explore BeatFarm and their mission to empower creators and fans alike. Let’s get stuck in!

What is a Superfan App?

A Superfan app is a platform that helps content creators engage deeply with their most dedicated followers. It offers exclusive content, direct communication, and a community which fosters stronger and longer connections. By providing insights into fan behaviour and allowing monetisation through personalized content and merchandise, these apps enhance both engagement and revenue for creators.

Why BeatFarm Exists

BeatFarm exists to empower creators, establishing a direct and profitable avenue of engagement with their superfans. BeatFarm’s mission is to empower the artist by providing resources and tools which increase the overall value of their content through direct collaboration with their most loyal fans. By eliminating the intermediaries, BeatFarm guarantees that every artist has complete creative freedom and ensures they maximise their potential revenue. BeatFarm uses sophisticated technology like blockchain and smart contracts to ensure, in essence, that an artist is ensured to be compensated in perpetuity for the creative work they have developed.

How BeatFarm Achieves Its Purpose

At its core, BeatFarm uses the infrastructure of Elastos to create an open, transparent, and secure way of monetisation for artists. The utility of blockchain and smart contracts allows artists to easily create, share, and monetise their content. Everything – be it songs, virtual events, or merchandise, is auto-embedded with smart contracts that trigger payment at the snap of a finger whenever that content is used. BeatFarm even creates superfan channels that have various grading levels of payment mechanisms, varied analytics for measurement of fan behaviour, and a deep e-commerce channels. This gives an artist an ecosystem which provides an entire commercialization network for maximum revenue generation through superfan engagement.

What BeatFarm Offers

BeatFarm offers a superfan platform that clears and fairly values the proposition for the artist to generate more revenue from their content. Its key offerings include direct monetisation, empowerment to self-monetise a piece of content and therefore assuring that every artist earns more for every content created and shared.

  • Blockchain and the Use of Smart Contracts: BeatFarm’s use of blockchain technology and smart contracts ensures transparent, reliable, and automated payments in perpetuity. This consequently ensures the continued monetisation of artist’s content.
  • Agile Content Creation: From track creation, live hosting, and merchandise selling to engaging  with the fans in real-time, everything can be done across the BeatFarm platform.
  • Superfan Apps: Their latest launch: superfan apps providing several payment levels, analytics to measure fan behaviour, and an e-commerce channel that helps maximise revenue.
  • Global Reach and Scalability: BeatFarm partners with artists from across the globe which create personalized superfan channels. The platform is scalable as the number of users grow and it is based on artist popularity.

BeatFarm has every aspect taken into consideration regarding the building of the platform to foster the success of the artist. With a relentless focus on direct connections, transparent monetisation, and versatile content creation, BeatFarm is on a mission to empower the artist and create new and unique ways for an artist to interact with their superfans.

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