Elastos Announces Decentralised Digital ID (DID) Partnership with ARGOS Identity

Elastos today is announcing a partnership with global digital Identity verification specialists, ARGOS Identity, to deliver decentralised Digital ID (DID) verification to individuals and businesses. ARGOS Identity provides digital identification verification services for issues ranging from Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB), to Anti Money- Laundering (AML) screening.

Jonathan Hargreaves, Elastos’ Global Head of Business Development & ESG, says that this partnership goes to the very heart of Elastos’ mission and purpose.

“Through ARGOS Identity we are addressing head on the Web’s principal challenge; how to verify who or what you are dealing with, while – simultaneously – retaining full control and discretion over your own identity. Uniquely, Web3 offers a resolution to this apparent contradiction; irrefutable identity proof which actually requires neither party to relinquish control of the same,” he says.

“This is the promise of the SmartWeb. One to which both parties are wholly committed. Decentralised IDs are the future of digital identification and central to Elastos’ vision for a SmartWeb; one where users engage each other without intermediaries, on their terms.” adds Jonathan.

ARGOS Identity’s CEO Wonkyu Lee said:

“ID verification is a necessary and beneficial aspect of online relationships; Web3 now offers us the opportunity to deliver the same directly between the two parties, without the intervention of any intermediary. In essence, both parties can verify each other, while retaining full control of their own credentials. Our Elastos partnership epitomises what both organisations are all about.”


Launched in 2018, ARGOS Identity is an ID verifying solution which helps to build a truly liberated Web3 environment based on a contactless ID verification service that streamline and secure the onboarding process of global users. The company was named ARGOS Identity from the hundred-eyed giant Greek mythology Argos to safeguard against identity theft, fraud, and money laundering. Today, ARGOS serves customers from 14 countries including the US. https://argosidentity.com/

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