Elastos and Wisdom Labs Co-op

Elastos and Wisdom Gaming logos

Elastos and Wisdom Labs Partner to Foster Web3 Game Development Through the Application of Elastos Decentralized Technologies

Elastos has leveled up with the announcement that we’ve tapped Wisdom Labs, the development and Web3 division of Wisdom Gaming, to become a premiere building partner for gaming and esports for projects and platforms in Elastos’ decentralized ecosystem.


Who is Wisdom Labs?

Wisdom Labs is Wisdom Gaming’s Web3 development division that is creating products that will change how people experience gaming and esports. Operating as both a creative agency and a development team, Wisdom Labs uses innovative technology to take projects from ideation to development, all under one roof. Service offerings include Web3 integrations, smart contract development, security audits, token development, NFTs, blockchain-based mobile game development, DAPP development, and in-app purchase support. In addition to Web3 services, Wisdom Labs offers Web2 capabilities including full-stack development, UX/UI design, Twitch extensions, and e-commerce platform development.


What is the Partnership About? 

Wisdom Labs will become a leading building partner for game creators looking to build or deploy on Elastos through this collaboration. Elastos’ existing and future gaming partners will have access to work directly with Wisdom Labs, tapping into the team’s expertise in design, development, broadcasting, and community building in addition to identifying new areas to level up partnerships, offering the Web3 gaming community opportunities to build upon data, content, and experiences.

“GameFi has been at the forefront of what Web3 can deliver in terms of building economies around communities,” says Fakhul Miah, Growth Lead at Elastos. “As gamers, we’re excited to develop a healthy and collaborative decentralized gaming ecosystem that allows users to own, track and monetize their efforts while having a blast. As a top gaming and esports development team based in the US, Wisdom Labs brings experience and excitement to Elastos, and we look forward to working together to build the next generation of experiences for users.”

The partnership offers exciting new opportunities for gamers, producers, and platforms to own and monetize content. As a dynamic building partner for gaming and esports, Wisdom Labs will support Elastos’ new and existing partners to further develop their Web3 game development through the application of Elastos decentralized technologies such as identifiers (DID), storage (Hive), and digital rights management (DRM). Supporting the next generation of game developers, both teams look to eventually include learn-to-earn opportunities for new developers to apply Web3 principles.

“The ability to build on multiple blockchains offers tremendous value for Web3 game developers, allowing them to not conform to only one standard,” said Adin Zweigbaum, Web3 Project Lead at Wisdom Lab. “We’re thrilled to extend our expertise into Elastos’ new and current partners to bridge the game between creative builders seeking to create somewhere new and providing them the required support to get there.”

The partnership announcement caps a string of recent partnerships between Elastos and GameFi developers and platforms, such as Build it Merchants and Arcus that look to incorporate Elastos’ decentralized solutions.


Where Can I learn More?

For more information on Elastos and Wisdom Labs partnership, we will be hosting a Twitter Spaces on August 16 at 9a.m. More details to come. For the time being, check out Wisdom Labs, Wisdom Gaming and follow them on Twitter.

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.