Elastos and Dmail Partner for Intelligent Messaging

Elastos and Dmail Partner

Elastos is partnering with Dmail, who are building an AI-powered decentralized infrastructure that provides seamless, anonymous messaging and notification services across multiple chains and applications. What sets Dmail apart is its revolutionary Subscription Hub, designed to elevate communication strategies. This hub enables personalized messaging to wallet addresses and DIDs across multiple chains, making it effortless to engage your audience with targeted content and token rewards.

By partnering with Dmail, Elastos gains exclusive access to this robust Subscription Hub, connecting them with an expansive network of over 3 million on-chain accounts. With Dmail’s intuitive console, Elastos can promptly harness the power of intelligent messaging in Web3, creating new opportunities for user engagement and growth.

Potential synergies that are currently being explored:

  1. Identity Management: Dmail Network will almost certainly integrate Elastos’ DID for identity management, enhancing user privacy and data sovereignty.
  2. Enterprise Solutions: Dmail can integrate Elastos’ enterprise blockchain solutions to improve processes, data provenance, and transparent solutions for supply chains and contract management.
  3. Financial Products: Dmail can benefit from Elastos’ financial solutions for decentralized trading, staking, and lending.
  4. Content Monetization: Dmail can use Elastos’ DRM technology to enable content creators to license and monetize their digital assets.
  5. Subscription Hub Service: Elastos will be using Dmail’s Subscription Hub Service for its users, allowing seamless messaging to wallets and DIDs.
  6. Technical Integration: Dmail will possibly look to integrate Elastos’ side chain EVM architecture and will explore their Hive storage solution for potential synergies.

A partnership between Dmail Network and Elastos can unlock new avenues for innovation, user empowerment, and business growth. By combining Dmail’s expertise in web3 communications with Elastos’ comprehensive Web3 ecosystem, both parties can accelerate the adoption of decentralized technologies and create a more secure, transparent, and user-centric digital world.

Follow Dmail’s progress: Beta Mainnet | Website | Twitter | Discord | Gitbook tutorial