Game on! Elastos and Arcus teaming up to bring FPS to ESC

Elastos and Arcus team up

Elastos is excited to team up with Arcus and welcome the game studio to its growing mob of GameFi projects. Arcus is a Web3 ecosystem that integrates GameFi, SocialFi, and EsportsFi with ready-launched products. The project centres around Arcus, a unique all-new first person shooting mobile game where gamers use a bow and arrow and companion pets, called Ethers to battle it out with their friends for the chance to earn tokens. The game allows head-to-head and team deathmatches as well as team play Guild Wars action. 

Arcus aims to explore Elastos’ open source technology stack, including Decentralized Identities (DID) through the Elastos Identity Chain (EID) to bolster their efforts to build Social Finance, a comprehensive commerce experience for gamers that includes Esports, NFTs, and Task to Earn. Arcus is working to pioneer the concept of Esports Finance, allowing the community to create, host, and organize tournament events on their social platforms. With the help of Elastos’ Web3 identity solutions, Arcus’ community will be able to manage assets, keep track of game activity, and increase possible rewards.

“Since the start of 2023, Elastos has added a steady stream of partners related to building, curating, monetizing and most importantly playing Web3 games. What makes Arcus different is that it is a game that the Elastos community can play right now,” says Fakhul Miah, Elastos Growth Lead. As a gamer myself, I’m looking forward to working with Arcus to create real use cases for DIDs but also potentially for DRM and decentralized storage as well.” 

This announcement follows recent partnership announcements between Elastos and Web3 gaming platforms, such as Build It Merchants and Lifty.io that further demonstrate how Elastos’ technologies can create a more equitable, self-sovereign experience for content creators, including Web3 game developers and gamers themselves.  

Projects like Elacity provide an enticing example of the future of Web3 creator economies through the application of decentralized storage, identity, AI and rights-managed NFTs provided by Elastos. As new DRM technologies for Web3 are being pioneered in Elacity and demonstrated through rights-managed content streaming services, it’s only logical to consider the possibilities for gaming. 

“As the world moves towards the decentralized Web3 era, it is essential to find ways to bring Esports gamers from Web2 into the new ecosystem. While many gamers may not be familiar with the technology behind blockchain and Web3, it is important to educate them on the benefits and opportunities that exist within this space,” says Rommel Carlos, CEO of Arcus. “One way to bring Esports gamers into Web3 is by creating a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of buying and selling virtual assets. Additionally, hosting tournaments that incorporate Web3 technology can help familiarize players with the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology. We see Elastos and its user-centric tech stack focused on data sovereignty as a great fit for what we are trying to build with Arcus.”

Additional partnership details will be provided as Arcus and Elastos continue to collaborate.

About Arcus

Arcus Game is a Filipino-led gaming company that provides gamers with quality gaming experiences. Founded in 2022, the company has been a pioneer in the tech and gaming industry, offering players a variety of exciting and innovative games across different platforms.

Arcus Game is a leading gaming company committed to providing gamers with an exceptional gaming experience. With a focus on innovation, quality, and player satisfaction, Arcus Game is a company that will continue shaping the gaming industry for years to come.

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