Elaphant Team Reaches Cooperation Agreement with StorSwift, One of Filecoin’s Top Miner

The Elastos Info Team is pleased to announce that the Elaphant Team has reached a strategic cooperative agreement with StorSwift, Filecoin’s leading technology service provider. The two parties are in discussions pertaining to Elastos Hive’s decentralized storage solution and the integration of Filecoin data storage technologies into the Elastos ecosystem. StorSwift also plans to use Elaphant Wallet as the preferred wallet for FIL coins, to explore additional synergies between ELA and FIL, and explore further opportunities for collaboration between the two technologies.

About StorSwift

Shanghai StorSwift Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader in the distributed data storage industry. The company’s core team comes from a professional data storage company headquartered in Silicon Valley, and holds more than ten years of management, research and development, and market experience in related industries. StorSwift has both core hardware and software technologies in high-performance digital storage, distributed storage cluster management, and low-level I/O optimization, and specializes in the fields of RDMA acceleration, large-scale storage cluster management, and IPFS/Filecoin-based optimization solutions. With a number of technical competitive advantages in the areas R&D, operations, and technology maintenance, Storswift stands as one of the strongest teams in the Filecoin community.


About Elaphant

The Elaphant Team, comprised of Elastos core team members, is the creator of the Elastos Elaphant Wallet. Elaphant Wallet allows users to easily manage their digital identities and assets, and has quickly become a favorite in the Elastos community.