Elacity’s Releases Whitepaper: The Access Economy in Web3

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Read Elacity’s whitepaper here

In a significant milestone for the digital asset community, Elacity has officially released its much-anticipated whitepaper “The Access Economy in Web3”, marking a new chapter in the management and monetisation of non-financial digital assets. This release not only demonstrates Elacity’s innovative approach to digital rights management but also highlights its strategic incorporation of Elastos technology.

Elacity Founder Sash stated, “In 2018, I created a basic graphic that stated ‘Elacity – peer-to-peer digital marketplace’. First came our NFT marketplace supporting art markets, and for over the last year and a half, we’ve been engineering our upcoming access economy innovation, setting the stage to revolutionise how digital rights and assets are managed online using Elastos SmartWeb technology. This is completely custom-built and a framework which can be expanded to grow markets for all types of digital assets in the years ahead. I appreciate everyone who has believed in our team and been with us to date. Our upcoming MVP will be released in December, and it will open a new door for supporting online user-owned markets. We will continue to expand business models, digital assets, and integrate partners to drive markets. I encourage everyone to understand what we’ve engineered and what’s to come”.

At its heart, Elacity’s Access Economy mission is to revolutionise how digital assets are accessed, traded, and monetised. The fundamental question they address is: How can we ensure the security, scarcity, and value of digital assets in an increasingly digital world? By reimagining digital assets like audio, video or software as secure, tradable, and exclusive ‘Digital Capsules’, Elacity answers this by providing creators and asset owners with unprecedented control and monetisation opportunities, powered by Elastos’ SmartWeb technology.

The whitepaper provides a comprehensive view of Elacity’s Access Economy Protocol (AEP). The whitepaper is more than a technical document; it’s a blueprint for a new digital economy where access equates to ownership and every creator or asset owner is empowered to participate in a fair, global marketplace.

As we celebrate this significant release, we invite you to delve deeper into the Elacity ecosystem by reading the whitepaper. Whether you’re a content creator, a digital asset owner, or someone interested in the future of digital rights management, this whitepaper offers valuable insights into a world where digital asset management is secure, equitable, and user-centric. For updates, follow Elacity’s Twitter here.

To explore Elacity’s visionary approach and understand how it is set to transform the digital asset landscape, read Elacity’s whitepaper here.