Elacity Upgrade V1.8

Elacity is at the forefront of transforming digital content creation, distribution, and monetization. It innovatively merges Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with Digital Rights Management (DRM) to safeguard the works of content creators. Elacity is working on a cutting-edge product that combines Decentralized Identities (DID), verifiable credentials, private off-chain data handling, smart contracts, individual server hosting, and DRM-enhanced assets. Their goal is to monetize digital content, maintain ownership rights, safeguard digital assets, encourage collaboration, and adhere to local regulations.

Elacity is thrilled to announce its most recent release Version 1.8. This upgrade introduces a host of user interface and use experience (UI/UX) improvements, particularly focusing on enhancing customization, providing better information access, and optimizing the Flint AI capabilities. Additionally, Elacity offers a sneak peek into the upcoming Video District, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing digital content sharing and ownership. Version 1.8 Highlights include:

Enhanced Customization for NFT Collection Owners


Elacity’s NFT collection owners can now enjoy an improved level of customization. This allows them to tailor their categories to align seamlessly with the explore section, providing a more user-friendly and intuitive experience for buyers and collectors.

Stay Informed with Email Notifications


Elacity has a new feature that empowers shop owners with enhanced control over their platform experience. With the introduction of email notifications for both Wallets and DID, staying updated on platform activities has never been easier. This feature ensures that you remain informed with timely alerts and updates related to your shop, enabling you to manage your online business more effectively.

Here is a guide on how to enable Email Notifications.

For Metamask Users:

  1. Sign In: Log in to your Elacity shop using your Metamask wallet credentials.
  2. Access Your Shop: Navigate to your shop and locate the “Edit” option.
  3. Within the “Edit” section, you will find an option to add and manage notifications.
  4. Toggle Notifications: Click on the relevant option to enable email notifications. This step ensures that you receive alerts and updates directly to your email address.

For Essentials Users:

  1. Sign In with DID: Log in to your Elacity shop using your DID credentials.
  2. Access Shop Settings: Once you’re signed in, proceed to your shop and find the “Manage Credentials” section.
  3. Within the “Manage Credentials” section, locate the email credential option. Initiate the process to verify your email address.
  4. Toggle Notifications: Upon successful verification, you will be able to toggle on email notifications. This action will enable you to receive important updates and alerts directly to your inbox.

Convenient Art Downloading


Version 1.8 introduces a much-requested feature—a save button at the bottom right on the owner’s NFT card. Now, after purchasing an NFT, users can easily download the associated art, streamlining the process of enjoying and managing their digital art collection.

Flint AI Advancements

The latest version of Flint AI, Elacity’s powerful AI generative tool, showcases remarkable advancements. The new Stability SDXL model is now available, significantly boosting image quality to an impressive 1024 x 1024 resolution. Even more exciting, this enhancement comes at the same price point, making advanced generative imagery accessible and affordable. Bella Series NFT holders enjoy an exclusive 28% discount on this cutting-edge technology.

Flint v1 vs. v2 Comparison: A Glimpse into the AI Leap


Elacity presents a captivating side-by-side comparison between the Flint AI’s version 1 and version 2. This showcases the incredible progress in AI generation capabilities. From serene digital art portraits to epic depictions of knights on a holy quest and futuristic cityscapes, Flint v2 consistently outshines its predecessor in delivering stunning and imaginative visual outputs.

Introducing Elacity’s Video District: A Vision of Innovation

Elacity is not just about NFTs; it’s about pushing the boundaries of decentralized content sharing. The forthcoming Video District is a testament to this commitment. After a year of dedicated work, Elacity is set to launch a DRM-powered video-sharing platform. This platform operates on the Access Economy Protocol (AEP), a revolutionary fusion of EVM smart contracts and DRM that leverages the Elastos SmartWeb.

Creators using the Video District can generate access tokens and encrypt video content with remarkable ease. This is powered by Elacity’s unique system, enabling the allocation of revenue from token trading to multiple decentralized wallets. By integrating Web3’s decentralized identities, the Video District ensures secure registry, encryption, trade, and access of intellectual property, all while preserving creator control.

Furthermore, Elacity is developing an Elastos Runtime media player utilizing WebAssembly. This innovative solution secures assets within an execution environment, allowing token holders to host and decrypt video license keys securely for playback. This groundbreaking approach enhances asset protection and reinforces trust in decentralized business operations.

The first iteration of the Video District, v1, is set for release on the Elastos Smart Contract Chain in Q4 2023. Alongside this launch, Elacity will also introduce a comprehensive whitepaper, outlining its vision for the future of user-owned access marketplaces that encompass diverse digital assets.

Elacity: Elevating NFT Innovation and Ownership

In summary, Elacity’s Version 1.8 and the forthcoming Video District underline the platform’s unwavering commitment to innovation, user-centric experiences, and pioneering advancements in the NFT and content sharing space. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embark on a new era of creative exploration and ownership.