ELA Integration with Ledger Complete with Release of Community-built Light Wallet

After an intensive development period, ELA has been officially integrated into Ledger’s line of industry-leading hardware wallets. Ledger devices are unique in their offline generation and local storage of private keys, from which they offer a robust security solution that has become renowned as the most trusted throughout the digital asset space. Now, users and development teams alike in the Elastos ecosystem can use Ledger’s cold storage devices to store, transfer, and receive ELA, as well as to participate in Elastos’ Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus.

With Ledger integration comes the official release of the Elastos Light Wallet, a Ledger-compatible desktop wallet designed for the Elastos ecosystem and built by the Elastos community. To get started, users can sync their Elastos Light Wallets with their Ledger devices in order to begin transferring ELA and participating in DPoS Supernode elections. The Elastos Light Wallet already offers a standalone desktop version that provides a simple and user-friendly interface to connect with Ledger devices, and a thorough how-to piece has already been published on the Cyber Republic Blog at the following link:

How To Use Your Ledger Device With The Elastos Light Wallet

In the months ahead, the Light Wallet will advance further, with a fresh batch of incoming features that include a consolidation function, derivation paths, spending password, and saved wallets. Additionally, the Elastos Light Wallet will remain a fully open-source community project, and all community members are welcome and encouraged to submit new ideas, contribute to development, and create new features to integrate with Ledger.

As always, we thank the community for its patience and support throughout the integration process. Ledger integration marks yet another major milestone for Elastos and its decentralized, autonomous ecosystem, as we begin to expand outward, connect with, and add value to the major decentralized platforms and technologies at the forefront of the digital asset space.

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