Community Monthly – July 2021

The July 2021 Elastos Community Monthly is filled with important updates from teams across the decentralized ecosystem. This month saw several significant pieces of news like the release of Elastos Essentials version 2.1 for Android, Tuum Tech partnering with Mission 89 to help combat sports-related child trafficking with Elastos DIDs, the funding announcements and plans for both Elevate Finance DEX and Elabox, Cyber Republic meeting minutes, a Rong Chen interview and more.

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Elastos Info is a community team. We can be found at our official website elastos.info and our official Twitter @ElastosInfo

Elastos Foundation: 

The Elastos Foundation (EF) is a non-profit that provides developers with all the tools to build the Modern Internet of Elastos.

The Elastos Foundation (EF) facilitates various processes, such as resource allocation and dispute mediation, among a network of decentralized development teams that function independently, but which share the communal goal of building out the baseline code for the Elastos SmartWeb.

For all updates from the core development teams, follow the official EF blog at https://news.elastos.org. The Elastos Foundation has no social media accounts.

Updates from EF in July include:


A Web3 software engineering team building Elastos-powered products and services to help developers build decentralized applications and enable users to own the data they generate on the web.

Website: https://www.tuum.tech/

Twitter: @tuumtech

July was a pivotal month for the future of identity solutions powered by Elastos and built by the Tuum Technologies engineering team. With the technological advancements of Elastos Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), the team can now enhance user experience with faster identity creation and seamless onboarding in products such as Profile.

Noteworthy achievements include technical developments as well as new partnerships:

  • Continued to test and resolve bugs encountered with DID JS SDK.
  • Started development of Hive JS SDK.
  • Finalizing v2 update of the new www.elastos.org website.
  • Finalizing v2 update of the www.elastos.academy website.
  • Preliminary work ongoing for new Assist service. This is a complete overhaul of the old Assist service built in javascript. The team plans to have an initial version of the new Assist by the end of August, and will have it implemented on www.getDIDs.com followed by Profile soon after.
  • Finalized Profile Alpha and started the transition into Beta. The Beta version will utilize the new, more user-friendly DID, add Essentials connectivity, and allow for verification features. No longer restricted by access codes, the initial Beta version is scheduled to launch near the end of August.
  • Launched early release version of Tuum Developer Portal here: https://docs.tuum.tech/
  • Signed MoU agreement with Mission89 to begin application development utilizing Elastos DID for players, agents, and organizations in an effort to combat child trafficking in sport.
  • Design support for the new Elastos Essentials application.
  • Design support for the CreDa application.
  • Ongoing DCPI efforts at the World Economic Forum
  • Advised ELABOX team with their successful Elastos Foundation proposal
  • Discussed collaborations with the recently supported Elavate Finance DEX

Cyber Republic (CR):

The official DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of the Elastos ecosystem from which decisions are collectively determined and implemented regarding ecosystem expansion, development initiatives, and funding allocations.


Cyber Republic Council Member Elation Studios interviewed Elastos Founder Rong Chen on the future of Elastos:


Meeting Minutes for:

July 14th

July 28th


“The portal to the Decentralized Web”




Elabox is a PC2 hardware device that integrates core Elastos technologies and connects users securely to the Elastos SmartWeb.

Elabox becomes ecosystem’s first hardware project

  • The OTA Update mechanism is now fully tested and working
  • Core System has been updated and are now being tested in preparation for ElaboxOS Installer
  • A new Default Page (similar to Windows Blue Screen) is now implemented and currently being tested. It will handle outputs from system updates and processes that users can see. It will also handle errors that Elabox might encounter like: corrupted package update files, failed installation, unmounted external storage errors, etc.
  • Team will also start to test the ElaboxOS Installer. The target released date is 2nd week of August
  • ElaboxOS is the core system of Elabox which only contains the packages, node, binaries, and codes that Elabox need in order for it to run properly.
  • Other services like Feeds node, Elastos Smart Chain node, Hive node and future services will all be available as downloadable packages. Users can choose to install what they only need or want to use.
  • Team will also ask the community to vote what color they want for Elabox casing
  • Elabox also has a new box packaging design
  • Elabox Launch Initiative Proposal was approved by CRC and are now getting executed by the team

Elavate Finance DEX:

A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol built in the Elastos ecosystem. In addition to supporting the decentralized exchange of ecosystem tokens and other digital assets, Elavate Finance also stands to propel ecosystem development, as it will be built and deployed exclusively on the Elastos Smart Contract Chain (ESC). 

Website: elavate.finance


Elavate Finance DEX, Sets Vision on Advanced DeFi Ecosystem


CreDA is a credit-based DeFi platform operating on Huobi’s Heco Chain that will employ Elastos DIDs to enable users to leverage the wealth vested in their data for personalized credit applications.



  • The team is working on solutions to enhance data aggregation processes and improve the reliability and credibility of credit ratings. The team is also developing the primary credit contract. A Credit Oracle will collect the data from the credit contract for calculating credit ratings.
  • In order to promote the global presence for CreDA, the current core team members of CreDA decided to draw on more resources from the Western community. Considering that the seed round has ended, core team members will contribute part of their own shares that total 43% of the seed round shares for new core members from the Western community.


FilDA is a DeFi platform operating on Huobi’s Heco Chain that allows users to access a number of decentralized lending, and borrowing, and staking pools to provide capital for borrowers, provide liquidity for traders, and generate yields through interest-bearing instruments.

Website: filda.io

Twitter: @FilDAFinance

  • Filda is now the main node on HT and ranks in the top three (https://www.heco123.com/en-us/vote-campaignc)
  • FilDA supernode voting began, and users who vote for FilDA supernodes can now receive rewards.
  • Heco lucky NFT activity began. Users can receive multiple iterations of mining rewards via their NFTs.
  • The deposit-and-exchange function was launched, thereby enabling the purchase and sale of encrypted assets without withdrawal.
  • Opened access to “depth” and “booster” options in the investment section in order to facilitate one-click mining.


Elastos Orchard is an Elastos ecosystem organization currently serving its second term on the Cyber Republic Council. Orchard serves as a communications and business development hub for Elastos in Europe.



Orchard hosted a webinar on data trusts, you can watch the recording here:



Feeds is a decentralized social media platform that employs Elastos DIDs and enables users to remain in full control of the data they generate.



The NFT version of Feeds is in the final verification phase with a plan to release the Feeds dApp and Feeds Services 2.0 versions in early August.

Major features of version 2.0 are as follows:

Feeds dApp 2.0: Integrate NFT and NFT trading platform

Feeds Service 2.0:

  • Publish the Feeds service desktop application based on MacOS/Windows, which allows users to easily deploy Feeds service nodes.
  • Feeds service support.

For all developer teams, ecosystem projects, and other community organizations looking to present their development progress and other general status updates in the August issue of Elastos Info’s Elastos Community Monthly, contact our team directly at hello@elastos.info.