Build It Merchants and Elastos Partner to Offer Next Level Gaming Experiences

Elastos and Build it Merchants have entered into a partnership that will see the unique and growing cross-gaming platform leverage many of Elastos’ decentralized technologies to help it accomplish its mission to bring the fun back to gaming on the blockchain. 

With the goal of providing a seamless experience for players, allowing them to easily discover and play new games, trade assets, and interact with other players, Build It Merchants will leverage technologies like Elastos’ DIDs, Hive Storage and DRM to boost security, interoperability and trust across its platform. 

Here are some of the ways Build It Merchants and Elastos will work together: 

  • Enhanced security: Build it Merchants will leverage Elastos’ Identity Chain (EID) to securely assign, store and manage user identities, protecting sensitive information and reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • Improved privacy: With Elastos’ Hive decentralized storage solution, users will have full control over their personal information, allowing them to choose which data to share and with whom, promoting a privacy-focused gaming experience.
  • Streamlined user experience: Elastos’ DID solution will be integrated to enable seamless cross-platform interactions, reducing friction and creating a more enjoyable experience for gamers.
  • Verifiable credentials: Build It Merchants plans to use Elastos DIDs to issue and manage verifiable credentials for gamers, such as in-game achievements, asset ownership, and membership levels.
  • Interoperability: Leveraging Elastos’ EVM compatible EID sidechain to enable smoother collaboration with other projects and platforms.
  • Trustworthy ecosystem: Create a trusted gaming environment by leveraging the decentralized nature of Elastos’ DID solution in partnership with CreDA in order to foster a strong sense of community and trust among users.
  • Scalability: As Build It Merchants expands its offerings and user base, Elastos’ ID Sidechain can provide a scalable and efficient solution for managing digital identities across multiple games and platforms.

“We believe that gaming should be fun and enjoyable above all else,” says Kenny from Build It Merchants.” However, the nascent Play & Earn model hasn’t really focused on the experience of gamers. With Elastos’ decentralized open-source tech stack, we believe we can help create a space where players can focus on having fun as a priority while maintaining security, self-sovereignty and allowing a more seamless experience across games.” 

Fakhul Miah, Elastos’ head of growth adds, “Build It Merchants is exactly the sort of project that understands the evolution of Web3. They are focused on architecting a robust platform, a great user experience, and a dependable product not just for the short-term, but in order to build a lasting business. Elastos’ solutions can be stacked to suit any decentralized application that values autonomy for their users and that shares our vision to enable us all to forge our own digital destinies. With Elastos, developers can build the next generation of games, financial products, e-commerce platforms and business solutions for Web3.”

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.