BitStack Partners with Elastos to Offer Easy-Access APIs for Builders of Decentralized Applications

Elastos is pleased to announce a partnership with BitStack, a leading blockchain infrastructure and on-chain data provider for Web3, specialising in dedicated RPC node infrastructure, blockchain raw data and blockchain analysis data. 

BitStack have integrated Elastos into their service offerings and API platform, allowing easy access to APIs that accelerate building and scaling development of Elastos applications. What’s more, the API Hub provides detailed and complete statistics for the Elastos app, including request per second, total requests, average response time, success rate, remain requests and other data.

BitStack supports over 200 blockchains through their API Hub, providing 24 hour service, advanced analytics and full node and archival node backups.  

Future plans include adding PoScan support for the Elastos Validator nodes, which would create additional support for Elastos’ unique variable Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS) recently launched as part of the Elastic Consensus. This later development will provide Elastos validators with staking income analysis reports and a staking data summary and reward dashboard. 

For more information on Elastos’ new BPoS mechanism and details for deploying an Elastos node, please visit the Elastos Developer Portal.

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.