Advancing Bitcoin with SmartWeb Technology: BeL2’s Q1 2024 Development Roadmap

BeL2 Dev Roadmap

After the recent release of the BeL2 whitepaper, this BeL2 Development Roadmap over the first quarter of 2024 highlights the commitment to advancing Bitcoin with SmartWeb technologies. The focus is on enhancing transaction security, scalability, and efficiency through Elastos innovation while maintaining Bitcoin’s core principles. We invite the community to follow our progress and contribute to the BeL2 ecosystem as we embark on this exciting journey!


Month 1: January to February – Laying the Foundations

1. Verifying BTC Transactions with zkCircuits: The initial step involves creating and verifying Zero-Knowledge (ZK) circuits, crucial for Bitcoin transaction authentication. This phase includes:

  • Elliptic Curve Signature Verification: Ensuring the integrity of digital signatures using elliptic curve cryptography.
  • Unlocking Script Verification: Confirming the legitimacy of scripts that unlock transaction outputs.
  • Valid UTXO Verification: Checking the validity of Unspent Transaction Outputs, crucial for transaction authenticity.
  • Amount and Fee Verification: Ensuring that transaction amounts and fees are correctly calculated.
  • Generation of ZK Proofs: Producing comprehensive ZK proofs for entire transactions to maintain transaction integrity and privacy.

2. ZK Proof Verification in Smart Contracts: The focus here is on integrating ZK proof verification within smart contracts to enhance security and efficiency:

  • ZK Proof Verification Contract: Developing contracts to verify ZK proofs.
  • Collection of Valid UTXOs: Aggregating and validating UTXOs for secure transaction processing.
  • BTC Transaction Raw Data Verification: Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of Bitcoin transaction raw data.

3. Upgrading the ESC EVM: Upgrading the Elastos Smart Contract (ESC) Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for enhanced functionality:

  • Giza zk Verification Code Integration: Incorporating advanced ZK proof verification capabilities.
  • Implementation of zk System Contracts: Developing system contracts to support ZK proof functionalities.

4. BeL2 Trading Protocol: Establishing the foundational trading protocol for BeL2 transactions:

  • Initiating Transaction Protocol: Setting up the protocol for initiating and managing transactions.
  • Deal Closing Operations: Implementing mechanisms for securely finalizing transactions.


Month 2: February to March – Integration and Testing

1. BTC Transaction zkCircuit Verification: Continued focus on refining and testing the ZK circuits for Bitcoin transactions.

2. Smart Contract ZK Proof Verification: Further development and integration of ZK proof verification in smart contracts:

  • Bitcoin Transaction Detail Verification: Enhancing the ability to verify specific details of Bitcoin transactions.
  • Continued Testing and Integration: Rigorous testing to ensure robustness and reliability.

3. ESC EVM Upgrade: Further advancements in the ESC EVM:

  • zk System Contract Implementation: Strengthening the system contracts for better ZK-proof support.
  • ESC Consensus Upgrade: Modifying the consensus mechanism to accommodate new functionalities.

4. BeL2 Trading Protocol Enhancements: Adding advanced features to the trading protocol:

  • Transaction Cancellation Operations: Introducing mechanisms for transaction cancellation, enhancing flexibility and security.
  • Reporting Misdeeds and Punishment Mechanisms: Implementing systems for reporting and penalizing unethical behaviour, ensuring network integrity.


Month 3: March to April – Expansion and Outreach

1. Circuit for Verifying Transactions with Ordinals: Introducing circuits specifically designed to handle transactions involving Bitcoin ordinals.

2. Comprehensive ZK Proof Verification: Continuing the integration, testing, and verification process for ZK proofs, including those for BTC transactions with ordinals.

3. Finalizing ESC EVM Upgrade: Completing the upgrade of the ESC EVM:

  • Consensus Upgrade: Finalizing changes to the consensus mechanism.
  • Comprehensive Testing and Integration: Ensuring all new functionalities are seamlessly integrated and fully operational.

4. BeL2 Trading Protocol Refinement: Further refining the BeL2 trading protocol:

  • Misdeed Reporting and Punishment Integration: Incorporating and testing the mechanisms for reporting misconduct and enforcing penalties.
  • Full Integration and Verification: Ensuring that all aspects of the trading protocol are fully integrated and functioning as intended.

The BeL2 Roadmap for Q1 2024 enhances Bitcoin via SmartWeb technology. It aims to bolster transaction security, scalability, and efficiency, adhering to Bitcoin’s core values. Key tasks include developing and testing Zero-Knowledge circuits for Bitcoin verification, integrating these proofs in smart contracts, upgrading the Elastos Smart Contract EVM, and refining the BeL2 trading protocol. This sets the foundation for later phases focusing on decentralizing Relayers and fusing the ecosystem for advanced Bitcoin-powered applications, signifying a major evolution in Bitcoin’s functionality and security. Interested to learn more about BeL2 and the broader roadmap? You can do so by reading the whitepaper here!

Read English Version BeL2 Whitepaper


Whats Next?

Elacity DRM is coming to Elastos. The Elastos whitepaper outlined a vision to build a digital economy, and over the past year, Elacity has been developing a Digital Rights Management system known as the Access Economy Protocol. We anticipate the release of this innovation for video content on Elastos at the end of the year. The DRM framework will enable the monetization of a wide range of assets, with plans to expand in 2024 to include various assets, from music to gaming. This is about making markets on Elastos. Here is a sneak peek! To learn more and stay updated, follow Elacity on X, and if you’d like to read their documentation, you can do so here!