3rd Annual Cyber Republic Elections Set for May 12th Start

Elastos Info is pleased to announce the third rendition of the Cyber Republic DAO’s annual elections. Now two full years, 78 proposals, and countless funding allocations into the decentralized operation of Elastos’ ecosystem DAO, our 12-member council has collaborated to ensure the brightest future for the Elastos tech stack, its brand and adoption, and the diverse and growing community that has formed around it. Some of the most notable funding accomplishments to date, include: the legal registration of Cyber Republic in the state of Delaware, USA, the onboarding of strategic marketing agency TLGG, as well as funding support for native platforms Glide (DEX), Elacity (NFT and Metaverse), and FilDA (decentralized finance and banking).

Individuals and organizations that intend to run for CR Council are required to stake 5,000 ELA or, for exceptional candidates, find an ELA sponsor for their candidacy. To participate in the election, voters may cast one vote per ELA held in their Essentials wallet across any number of candidates they choose. For full details into the operations of Cyber Republic and its annual electoral process, please visit the CR Whitepaper page at the link below:

CR Whitepaper

Our council will see its third rendition take form in the month ahead:

  1. Registration will open at block height 1,162,930 on May 12, 2022. At this time, aspiring council members may register as candidates to participate in the election. Once a single candidate has registered, ELA tokenholders may immediately begin casting votes.
  2. Voting will conclude at block height 1,184,530 on June 12, 2022. At this time, all outstanding vote counts will be finalized, and the 12 candidates with the highest vote counts will become Council members for Cyber Republic’s third one-year term, which will culminate circa June 11, 2023.

As always, whether you’re looking to participate in Cyber Republic’s upcoming elections or to simply keep tabs on the action, the official Elastos Info Blog is the best place for all of the latest news and updates. Looking to speak to someone about running or finding a sponsor? Please email election@cyberrepublic.org and introduce yourself. In the days ahead, Elastos Info will be releasing an official guide and tutorial for participating in CR Council elections directly from Elastos Essentials. Stay tuned!