3rd Annual Cyber Republic Election Concludes, New Council Members Begin 2022/2023 Term

As of June 11, 2022 at block height 1184530, the Elastos ecosystem’s third annual Cyber Republic Council elections have come to a close. As in previous years, ecosystem growth and market trends have introduced new community teams, projects, and organizations to the ecosystem, and the newest rendition of the CR Council very much reflects the past, present, and future of the Web3 space and Elastos ecosystem alike.

This year, the Elastos community voted to retain a number of experienced council members from previous terms, and added a group of new faces and eager organizations to the mix. The 2022/2023 CR Council features Elastos Foundation members, community developers, business development and marketing interests, NFTs, DeFi, making for a diverse group capable of making strong decisions on behalf of the Elastos community.

Cassie Zhang, Cyber Republic’s returning Secretary General had this to say about the new term, “The 3rd CR Council takes office at a critical juncture. Elastos’ core infrastructure is nearing completion, and is prepared to support new ecosystem projects. The previous CR Council made bold contributions to marketing and other public promotional efforts. It is my wish to see this year’s Council both advance existing marketing efforts and allocate the necessary resources to attract and better support new and innovative ecosystem projects.”

Here are Cyber Republic’s twelve freshly elected council members for the 2022/2023 term:

Returning Council Members

Elation Studios: Elation Studios Marketing and business development team dedicated to growing the Elastos ecosystem.

Ryan | Glide: As the founder of both elanodes.com and Glide Finance, Ryan brings a wealth of technical knowledge and DeFi know-how.

Sash | Elacity: As a member of ecosystem business development Elastos Orchard and metaverse project Elacity.

Song SJun: Head of Elaphant Team, the Elastos community development team that is responsible for developing Elaphant Wallet and FilDA.

Rebecca Zhu: Former CR Secretary General and core member of the original Elastos Foundation.

The Strawberry Council: A long-time community organization that has run a supernode in Elastos’ DPoS consensus since its launch.

Jingyu: Member of core development team Trinity Tech leading development efforts on Essentials, Feeds, Carrier, DID and HIVE.

Infi: A long-time Elastos community member and former moderator in the Chinese community focused on forming new synergies in the Elastos ecosystem.

First-Term Council Members

Phantz Club: With its own line of exclusive NFTs, Phantz Club is one of Elastos ecosystem’s leading NFT projects.

MButcho | Nenchy: Long-time community contributor and moderator on Elastos community channels.

PG BAO: An experienced blockchain researcher in the Elastos community focused on onboarding developers and users into the ecosystem.

DR: A community member with a background in engineering and ten years of experience in computer aided design.

To follow Cyber Republic’s new Council as they nominate proposals, conduct voting procedures, and shape the development direction, marketing strategy, and future vision for the Elastos ecosystem, continue to check in on Cyber Republic’s official proposals page. And as always, to stay up to date on all the latest news and developments from around the Elastos ecosystem, stay tuned in here on the official Elastos Info Blog.