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Our Platform Components

The road to Web3 begins here.

Six platform components underpin the Elastos ecosystem and serve as the building blocks to create a better internet. Elastos provides a series of powerful decentralized services that can be integrated into any dApp or project. Select the components that best serve your needs.


Independent public, open-source blockchain with 50%+ BTC hashpower.

Decentralized Identity

DIF and W3C compliant identity solutions with smart contract support, running on Sidechain architecture.

Decentralized Storage

Storage vault solutions with swappable constructs.

Elastos Smart Contract

Solidity (ETH) executable smart contracts running on Sidechain architecture.

Peer-to-Peer Network

Safe and secure network taking over communication traffic and transmiting data.

Cyber Republic

Consensus-based community governance mechanism.

Why Elastos

Making your data work for you

  • Hybrid Consensus
  • Technology open to everyone
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Hash power
  • Decentralized Components
  • Smart Contract Chain (ESC)

Hybrid Consensus

Elastos hybrid Auxiliary Proof-of-Work+Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (AuxPoW+DPoS) consensus brings together the unparalleled security of Bitcoin blockchain’s hashpower and grassroots community participation. With both robust security and community incentives backing the Elastos Mainchain, users can rest assured their digital assets, identities, and personal data are safe and sound.

Technology open to everyone

In full alignment with the emerging Web3 paradigm, Elastos’ core technologies are fully open source, and available for users and developers alike.

Elastos is committed to building Inclusive, open ecosystems – and that means open-source technology and an open-minded, community-first ethos.

Bitcoin (BTC) Hash power

Both the Elastos Mainchain and its Sidechains are backed by more than 50% of Bitcoin’s industry-leading hashpower.

For users exploring the Elastos ecosystem, robust and trustless security is paramount, whether for registering a DID, managing a Hive Vault, or engaging DeFi on the Elastos Smart Chain.

Decentralized Components

Elastos’ decentralized platform components make up its core tech stack.

Elastos Carrier’s Peer-to-Peer network, Elastos Hive’s decentralized storage serivces, and Elastos Decentralized ID (DID) technology come together in Elastos Essentials to provide developers with all the tools and resources they need to build exciting and innovative dApps in the Elastos ecosystem.

Smart Contract Chain (ESC)

The ESC is Elastos’ most promising versatile sidechain which allows for the development of sophisticated applications that support DeFi and NFTs.

On the ESC developers can leverage a wide array of smart contracts or deploy existing applications written in Solidity.

Use Cases

The possibilities are endless.


With an Online Shopping dApp on Elastos, retailers and consumers can directly connect and make transactions. Without middlemen, a decentralized platform enables wealth to be retained within the community and between the parties involved in transaction.

Verifiable Credentials & Digital Identities

Elastos Decentralized Identity (DID) is an open approach to verifying information about a user while providing the security and privacy-related benefits of blockchain technology. After verification, these credentials can be used to prove 
cross-platform data ownership in an 
open, decentralized internet.

(IoT) Internet of Things

Users benefit from end-to-end encryption in accessing IoT devices and services that are truly secure and free from centralized systems by utilizing Elastos’s Peer-to-Peer Network (Carrier), Elastos Decentralized ID (DID), and Elastos Decentralized Storage (Hive) solutions.


With a bookstore built on dApp built on the Elastos platform, authors can publish their books directly in consumers using the Elastos Essentials Super- Wallet. Elastos Decentralized Identity (DID) can be used to register users and books, and to assign ownership.

Media & Assets

Utilize the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and Elastos Decentralized Identity (DID), and Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) to ensure genuine asset ownership. Add in Elastos Decentralized Storage (Hive) to create a system free from reliance on centralized services so users can own and control their data.

Messaging Services

Users and developers benefit from Elastos’ Peer-to Peer Network (Carrier) to build and access decentralized messaging services. Carrier can be used to send any type of data through a communication system free from centralized services.

Get Your Project the Funds it Needs

Cyber Republic is the Elastos DAO responsible for providing funds for teams building with or promoting Elastos technologies. E-Labs serves as a funding source that compliments Cyber Republic. While CR makes funding decisions via a democratically elected 12-seat council, E-Labs awards grants based on non-representative community voting - in other words, direct democracy. To get started, check out Cyber Republic's funding page, and submit a suggestion of your own to the Cyber Republic Council.

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