Introducing Elabox:
The Hardware Device

Bringing Hardware Support
to the Elastos Ecosystem

Elabox is the flagship hardware device of the Elastos ecosystem that allows users to run nodes that support Elastos Carrier’s Peer-to-Peer network and the EID Sidechain’s Decentralized Identification (DID) network.

Building a More Robust Ecosystem

The road to Web3 begins here.

Mainchain Support

Essentials makes managing your 
digital assets simple. The Essentials Super-Wallet supports ELA and all Elastos ecosystem assets, as well as a number of assets from other prominent blockchain ecosystems.

Carrier Network

Elabox contributes to Elastos Carrier’s Peer-to-Peer Network by serving as an active Carrier node, thereby strengthening its network security.

Decentralized ID Technology

Elabox supports Elastos’ Decentralized Identity (DID) network as well by running a DID node. Users that own an Elabox can connect to the DID network directly to control their data and determine who can access it.

Exclusive Wallet Access

Elabox allows for direct and secure wallet access via the Elabox dashboard.

Staking Rewards

With Elabox, users can run a supernode in Elastos’ DPoS consensus, and will receive automatic rewards for validating blocks.

Complete Dashboard

Elabox’s dashboard brings everything together in one simple comprehensive display where users can manage their nodes and explore statistics.

Key Features

  • Automatic Identity (DID) generation.
  • Seamless interactions with Web3 dApps and blockchains.
  • RPC Crypto Wallet with interoperability, swapping and bridging features.
  • Smart contract operations associate with the Elastos Smart Contract Chain (ESC).

Elastos Foundation

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