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Aug 30, 2022

5 Year Anniversary Timeline: Main Chain-Sidechain

Elastos’ Main Chain-Sidechain Architecture supports a robust, three-tier consensus mechanism, including merge-mining (AuxPoW), Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), and Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC). Elastos’ sidechains also enable the development and integration of critical platform services and tools for Web3, including a Decentralized Identity solution (Elastos DID) and a environment for decentralized DeFi and NFT applications via the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC).

Main Chain-Sidechain

Development Team: Gelaxy
Team Lead: Shunan

Q4 2022

DPoS 2.0 Goes Live

Elastos' DPoS consensus will be fully upgraded to DPoS 2.0, featuring random Candidate Node selection.

Q4 2022

Elink Goes Live

Elink is an oracle that provides a decentralized service on the ESC for obtaining ID information on the EID chain.

Oct 2021

ELA V0.8.1

Support for fast, low-value cross-chain transactions.

June 2021

Elastos ID Sidechain Goes Live

April 2021

Support Enabled for Fallback to PoW

DPoS consensus will be restorable efficiently and securely.

April 2021

ELA V0.7.0

Refactoring of ELA Tokenomics

September 2020

ELA V0.6.0

Full CRC Supernode Autonomy.

June 2020

First CR Council Member Selected

Community autonomy begins.

May 2020

ELA V0.5.0

CR proposals support

November 2019

Ethereum Sidechain Launch

May 2019

ELA V0.3.0

AuxPOW+DPOS Consensus goes live.

December 2018

ELA V0.2.1

ELA light node support.

August 2018

ELA V0.2.0

ELA merge-mining with BTC eclipses 50% of total BTC hashpower.

July 2018

ELA V0.1.1

Elastos Mainchain Sidechain support.

March 2018

Elastos Sidechain Whitepaper Published

January 2018

Mainnet First Release

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