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Aug 30, 2022

5 Year Anniversary Timeline: Elastos Hive

Hive is an Elastos ecosystem platform service that provides decentralized data storage and management services. On Hive, users in the Elastos ecosystem can determine where their data is stored – be it on the cloud or a local device – and who can access it. In conjunction with other ecosystem platform services, Elastos Hive plays an integral role in enabling web3 users to own and monetize their data.

Elastos Hive

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Zhilong

Q1/Q2 2023

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK v3.x

• Supports paid access model for users to share data.
• Improves Hive Node’s pricing plan model so that Node providers can obtain benefits.
• Deep integration with the underlying DHT network layer of Carrier V2.0 to develop more features, such as data interaction between nodes in Federated form, and data Pub/Sub functions as well.

Q4 2022

HiveHub webApp 1.0, Hive Node/iOS /Android SDK v3.0

• Enables users to manage and run Hive Node based on HiveHub and Vault data backup/migration.
• Hive Node supports NAT reversal, which means that it does not require a public network address, but can be accessed externally.

Q3 2022

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK v2.9

• Supports encrypted storage for user data by default.
• Supports back-end Backup and migration of Vault data post-encryption.

July 2022

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK V2.8.1

• Integrates a new version of the payment mechanism with smart contract support.
• Improved backup implementation provides stable backup service.
• Supports anonymous data access without requiring user DID and application DID under scripting rules.

November 2021

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK V2.4.1

• Improved HTTP RESTful APIs and internal implementation.
• IPFS integrated as internal storage for data.
• Refactored Files module with IPFS nodes.
• Refactored the backup/restore module with IPFS network.

January 2021

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK V2.0.0

• Integrates the new open authorization and authentication flow for applications to sign in with DIDs.
• Provides streaming-based files with APIs to upload/download files.
• Provides MongoDB-compatible APIs to access and store data to Vault service.
• Provides scripting APIs to customized rules with a given purpose.
• Supports the pricing plan solution to purchase Vault service.
• All data in Vault service can periodically backup.

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