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Aug 30, 2022

5 Year Anniversary Timeline: Elastos Essentials

Elastos Essentials is the flagship Super-Wallet application of the Elastos ecosystem. On Essentials, users can manage their digital assets, access Elastos’ suite of platform services including Hive and Carrier, explore ecosystem applications for DeFi, NFTs, and more, and leverage the application’s built-in tool EasySwap to get ahold of ELA on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) in a few simple steps.

Elastos Essentials

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Benjamin Piette


Essentials 3.x, Integrate New Elastos Features As They Launch

Continuous improvements of the 3.0 philosophy: grow user base by addressing all web3 users, refine existing tools, and add more revenue models in-app.
DID flows, Hive flows, Carrier 2.0-based features.

Q4 2022

Essentials 3.0

Rebranding of name, logo, and message, openness to more networks, customizable home screen, built-in EasySwap, Elastos DPoS 2.0.

July 2022

Elastos Essentials 2.6.0

Ledger Nano X, Elastos main chain multisig support, EasySwap to enable users to easily receive ELA on ESC from other networks.

January 2022

Elastos Essentials 2.5.0

Red packets, improved Cyber ​​Republic support.

December 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.4.0

Bitcoin, improved NFT support, improved identity credentials, and continuous improvements of Elastos voting features.

September 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.2.0

Multi-network support, built-in dApp browser.

July 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.1.0

Fast wallet, converted from SPV to RPC mode. Fast DID onboarding with new design and DID 2.0-enabled fast publishing. Automatic Elastos Hive storage creation. Support for connectivity SDK and Wallet connect for better integration with dApps.

April 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.0.0

First release of Essentials, similar to elastOS but without dApps and with a drastic architecture rework to prepare for next steps.

January 2021

Elastos Essentials Conceived

Due to app stores policies, the elastOS runtime concept is canceled and a new product named Elastos Essentials is being prepared to replace it.

December 2020

Trinity Native

elastOS runtime extended as “Trinity Native” to be used by external projects to generate both elastOS Capsules and fully native Android and iOS applications with a single code base.

October 2020

elastOS v1.3.0

First EVM support, first Capsule dApps SDK for developers, backup/restore mechanism using Elastos Hive, full implementation of Elastos DIDs with identity management, and interactions with Capsules.

June 2020

elastOS v1.2.0

elastOS starts using DIDs as its core with sandboxed DID sessions, features first fully redesigned interface, and DID contacts can share dApps URLs through Elastos Carrier.

January 2020

elastOS v1.0.0

First release for end users.

September 2019

First Technical Preview of Trinity

Featured dynamic dApps capabilities and developer tools to run sandboxed dApps inside Trinity.

September 2018 - July 2019

Trinity Preparation Phase

Creation of the Trinity “Runtime” base, initial versions of DID and Carrier plugins, first built-in SPV wallet, and demonstration Carrier chat app.

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