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Aug 30, 2022

5 Year Anniversary Timeline: Elastos DID

Elastos DID is a W3C-compliant DID solution that lives on Elastos’ ID Sidechain. Elastos Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) allow users to login to Elastos ecosystem platform services and applications, manage their assets and data with ease, and ultimately exercise self-ownership in the virtual realm. As ecosystem platform services and apps integrate more DID functions and features, Elastos DID stands as one of the most adoption-ready solutions in the decentralized identity space.

Elastos DID

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Jingyu

December 2022

Self-hosted KYC Service to be Launched on Elastos via DID 2.0.

July 2021

DID SDK 2.0 Released

• Customized DID, user selects own DID identifiers.
• New method to declare or revoke credentials to the ID Sidechain.
• New method to transfer Customized DIDs.
• Full internalization support.
• Backward-compatible support.
• New JavaScript SDK, supports both browser and NodeJS.

July 2020

DID SDK 1.0 Released

• Full W3C standard compatible DID Implementation.
• DID: Globally unique identifier that does not require a centralized registration authority.
• DIDDocument: Concrete serialization of the data model, according to a particular syntax.
• Credential: Set of one or more claims made by the same entity.
• Presentation: A Presentation can be targeted to a specific verifier by using a Linked Data Proof that includes a nonce and realm.
• DIDStore: DIDStore is secure storage for the sensitive DID data.
• Multiple language SDKs(Java, Swift, C/C++)

January 2020

Elastos Releases a DIF- and W3C-compliant DID Specification

June 2019

Elastos Joins W3C and DIF

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