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Aug 30, 2022

5 Year Anniversary Timeline: Elastos Carrier

Elastos Carrier is a decentralized network for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication that takes over all network traffic and conveys information on behalf of applications. A powerful network that returns power from applications to users, Carrier is powered by a decentralized body of Carrier nodes.

Elastos Carrier

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Jingyu

September 2022

A basic DHT permissionless network will be implemented for Carrier as a completely open underlying network layer that supports basic services.

September 2020

Elastos Carrier WebRTC SDK Release

• Internally supports basic Audio/Video/Data communication.
• Provides high level APIs for Audio/Video/Data communication without TURN/STUN explicitly being involved.
• Basic integration [google-webrtc] over Carrier network.
• WebRTC demo Application using this WebRTC SDK and supporting Audio/Video communication between two peers.

April 2020

Carrier Node /iOS/Android SDK v5.5

• Support with Carrier extension, especially used for webrtc.
• Improved implementation of bulk message sending/receiving.
• Support feature of sending/receiving big data block (1K~5M).
• Fixed group info storage issue.

January 2019

Carrier iOS/Android SDK v5.2.1

• Supports Carrier group without centralization, and group peers are all required to connect to Carrier network.
• Supports file transfer between Carrier peers with pull-driven mode and support to resume transfers from previous break-point.
• Supports sending binary messages for either Carrier or session.

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