Cyber Republic Election: A Guide to Candidate Registration

Cyber Republic DAO

As another milestone year unfolds for the Elastos community, we are excited to announce the commencement of the 5th annual Cyber Republic (CR) Council elections! The Cyber Republic remains a cornerstone of governance within the Elastos ecosystem, influencing key policy,…

Join the Elastos Movement: The Call to the Cyber Republic Council 5

Cyber Republic DAO

Traditional organisations are often hierarchical, centralising decision-making among a few top-level individuals, which limits broader participation. In contrast, blockchain technology supports decentralised and transparent governance on a distributed ledger, enhancing security, immutability, and trust without central oversight. Decentralised Autonomous Organisations…

ELA: Bitcoin Merged-Mining, Halvings & Unique Economics


Elastos ($ELA) presents a compelling narrative in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, paralleling Bitcoin’s disinflationary ethos while charting a unique path through its technological integration and economic modelling. Let’s explore some of the key highlights of ELA and its economic model: Merge…