Hive is an Elastos ecosystem platform service that provides decentralized data storage and management services. On Hive, users in the Elastos ecosystem can determine where their data is stored – be it on the cloud or a local device – and who can access it. In conjunction with other ecosystem platform services, Elastos Hive plays an integral role in enabling web3 users to own and monetize their data.

Elastos Hive

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Zhilong

Q1/Q2 2023

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK v3.x

• Supports paid access model for users to share data.
• Improves Hive Node’s pricing plan model so that Node providers can obtain benefits.
• Deep integration with the underlying DHT network layer of Carrier V2.0 to develop more features, such as data interaction between nodes in Federated form, and data Pub/Sub functions as well.

Q4 2022

HiveHub webApp 1.0, Hive Node/iOS /Android SDK v3.0

• Enables users to manage and run Hive Node based on HiveHub and Vault data backup/migration.
• Hive Node supports NAT reversal, which means that it does not require a public network address, but can be accessed externally.

Q3 2022

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK v2.9

• Supports encrypted storage for user data by default.
• Supports back-end Backup and migration of Vault data post-encryption.

July 2022

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK V2.8.1

• Integrates a new version of the payment mechanism with smart contract support.
• Improved backup implementation provides stable backup service.
• Supports anonymous data access without requiring user DID and application DID under scripting rules.

November 2021

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK V2.4.1

• Improved HTTP RESTful APIs and internal implementation.
• IPFS integrated as internal storage for data.
• Refactored Files module with IPFS nodes.
• Refactored the backup/restore module with IPFS network.

January 2021

Hive Node/iOS/Android SDK V2.0.0

• Integrates the new open authorization and authentication flow for applications to sign in with DIDs.
• Provides streaming-based files with APIs to upload/download files.
• Provides MongoDB-compatible APIs to access and store data to Vault service.
• Provides scripting APIs to customized rules with a given purpose.
• Supports the pricing plan solution to purchase Vault service.
• All data in Vault service can periodically backup.

Elastos Essentials is the flagship Super-Wallet application of the Elastos ecosystem. On Essentials, users can manage their digital assets, access Elastos’ suite of platform services including Hive and Carrier, explore ecosystem applications for DeFi, NFTs, and more, and leverage the application’s built-in tool EasySwap to get ahold of ELA on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) in a few simple steps.

Elastos Essentials

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Benjamin Piette


Essentials 3.x, Integrate New Elastos Features As They Launch

Continuous improvements of the 3.0 philosophy: grow user base by addressing all web3 users, refine existing tools, and add more revenue models in-app.
DID flows, Hive flows, Carrier 2.0-based features.

Q4 2022

Essentials 3.0

Rebranding of name, logo, and message, openness to more networks, customizable home screen, built-in EasySwap, Elastos DPoS 2.0.

July 2022

Elastos Essentials 2.6.0

Ledger Nano X, Elastos main chain multisig support, EasySwap to enable users to easily receive ELA on ESC from other networks.

January 2022

Elastos Essentials 2.5.0

Red packets, improved Cyber ​​Republic support.

December 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.4.0

Bitcoin, improved NFT support, improved identity credentials, and continuous improvements of Elastos voting features.

September 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.2.0

Multi-network support, built-in dApp browser.

July 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.1.0

Fast wallet, converted from SPV to RPC mode. Fast DID onboarding with new design and DID 2.0-enabled fast publishing. Automatic Elastos Hive storage creation. Support for connectivity SDK and Wallet connect for better integration with dApps.

April 2021

Elastos Essentials 2.0.0

First release of Essentials, similar to elastOS but without dApps and with a drastic architecture rework to prepare for next steps.

January 2021

Elastos Essentials Conceived

Due to app stores policies, the elastOS runtime concept is canceled and a new product named Elastos Essentials is being prepared to replace it.

December 2020

Trinity Native

elastOS runtime extended as “Trinity Native” to be used by external projects to generate both elastOS Capsules and fully native Android and iOS applications with a single code base.

October 2020

elastOS v1.3.0

First EVM support, first Capsule dApps SDK for developers, backup/restore mechanism using Elastos Hive, full implementation of Elastos DIDs with identity management, and interactions with Capsules.

June 2020

elastOS v1.2.0

elastOS starts using DIDs as its core with sandboxed DID sessions, features first fully redesigned interface, and DID contacts can share dApps URLs through Elastos Carrier.

January 2020

elastOS v1.0.0

First release for end users.

September 2019

First Technical Preview of Trinity

Featured dynamic dApps capabilities and developer tools to run sandboxed dApps inside Trinity.

September 2018 - July 2019

Trinity Preparation Phase

Creation of the Trinity “Runtime” base, initial versions of DID and Carrier plugins, first built-in SPV wallet, and demonstration Carrier chat app.

Elastos Carrier is a decentralized network for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication that takes over all network traffic and conveys information on behalf of applications. A powerful network that returns power from applications to users, Carrier is powered by a decentralized body of Carrier nodes.

Elastos Carrier

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Jingyu

September 2022

A basic DHT permissionless network will be implemented for Carrier as a completely open underlying network layer that supports basic services.

September 2020

Elastos Carrier WebRTC SDK Release

• Internally supports basic Audio/Video/Data communication.
• Provides high level APIs for Audio/Video/Data communication without TURN/STUN explicitly being involved.
• Basic integration [google-webrtc] over Carrier network.
• WebRTC demo Application using this WebRTC SDK and supporting Audio/Video communication between two peers.

April 2020

Carrier Node /iOS/Android SDK v5.5

• Support with Carrier extension, especially used for webrtc.
• Improved implementation of bulk message sending/receiving.
• Support feature of sending/receiving big data block (1K~5M).
• Fixed group info storage issue.

January 2019

Carrier iOS/Android SDK v5.2.1

• Supports Carrier group without centralization, and group peers are all required to connect to Carrier network.
• Supports file transfer between Carrier peers with pull-driven mode and support to resume transfers from previous break-point.
• Supports sending binary messages for either Carrier or session.

Elastos DID is a W3C-compliant DID solution that lives on Elastos’ ID Sidechain. Elastos Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) allow users to login to Elastos ecosystem platform services and applications, manage their assets and data with ease, and ultimately exercise self-ownership in the virtual realm. As ecosystem platform services and apps integrate more DID functions and features, Elastos DID stands as one of the most adoption-ready solutions in the decentralized identity space.

Elastos DID

Development Team: Trinity Tech
Team Lead: Jingyu

December 2022

Self-hosted KYC Service to be Launched on Elastos via DID 2.0.

July 2021

DID SDK 2.0 Released

• Customized DID, user selects own DID identifiers.
• New method to declare or revoke credentials to the ID Sidechain.
• New method to transfer Customized DIDs.
• Full internalization support.
• Backward-compatible support.
• New JavaScript SDK, supports both browser and NodeJS.

July 2020

DID SDK 1.0 Released

• Full W3C standard compatible DID Implementation.
• DID: Globally unique identifier that does not require a centralized registration authority.
• DIDDocument: Concrete serialization of the data model, according to a particular syntax.
• Credential: Set of one or more claims made by the same entity.
• Presentation: A Presentation can be targeted to a specific verifier by using a Linked Data Proof that includes a nonce and realm.
• DIDStore: DIDStore is secure storage for the sensitive DID data.
• Multiple language SDKs(Java, Swift, C/C++)

January 2020

Elastos Releases a DIF- and W3C-compliant DID Specification

June 2019

Elastos Joins W3C and DIF

Elastos’ Main Chain-Sidechain Architecture supports a robust, three-tier consensus mechanism, including merge-mining (AuxPoW), Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), and Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC). Elastos’ sidechains also enable the development and integration of critical platform services and tools for Web3, including a Decentralized Identity solution (Elastos DID) and a environment for decentralized DeFi and NFT applications via the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC).

Main Chain-Sidechain

Development Team: Gelaxy
Team Lead: Shunan

Q4 2022

DPoS 2.0 Goes Live

Elastos' DPoS consensus will be fully upgraded to DPoS 2.0, featuring random Candidate Node selection.

Q4 2022

Elink Goes Live

Elink is an oracle that provides a decentralized service on the ESC for obtaining ID information on the EID chain.

Oct 2021

ELA V0.8.1

Support for fast, low-value cross-chain transactions.

June 2021

Elastos ID Sidechain Goes Live

April 2021

Support Enabled for Fallback to PoW

DPoS consensus will be restorable efficiently and securely.

April 2021

ELA V0.7.0

Refactoring of ELA Tokenomics

September 2020

ELA V0.6.0

Full CRC Supernode Autonomy.

June 2020

First CR Council Member Selected

Community autonomy begins.

May 2020

ELA V0.5.0

CR proposals support

November 2019

Ethereum Sidechain Launch

May 2019

ELA V0.3.0

AuxPOW+DPOS Consensus goes live.

December 2018

ELA V0.2.1

ELA light node support.

August 2018

ELA V0.2.0

ELA merge-mining with BTC eclipses 50% of total BTC hashpower.

July 2018

ELA V0.1.1

Elastos Mainchain Sidechain support.

March 2018

Elastos Sidechain Whitepaper Published

January 2018

Mainnet First Release

Elastos Foundation

Cyber Republic

Developer Portal