Hwedini and 4HM3D: A Dynamic Duo Committed to Advancing Elastos’ Vision

In a testament to the diversity and unity within the Elastos community, two individuals from vastly different professional backgrounds have come together, driven by their shared conviction in Elastos’ vision. Hwedini, a seasoned Investment Banker with extensive experience in global capital markets, and 4HM3D, a junior doctor pursuing his professional career, have jointly announced their candidacy for Council members within the Cyber Republic ecosystem. This dynamic duo brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the table, with the primary goal of promoting Elastos’ values, ensuring transparent governance, and fostering community engagement.

A Profound Impact and Deep Engagement

Hwedini and 4HM3D’s decision to run for Council membership is rooted in the profound impact Elastos has had on their personal lives. As active members of the resilient Elastos community, they have experienced firsthand the transformative potential of the platform. This deep engagement has fueled their passion and commitment to advancing Elastos’ principles and vision, motivating them to contribute to its growth actively.

Proactive Promotion of Elastos’ Values

As Council members, Hwedini and 4HM3D aim to assume a proactive role in promoting the values and vision of Elastos. Their collective experience and diverse perspectives enable them to bridge different sectors and effectively communicate Elastos’ potential to a broader audience. They prioritize reflecting the community’s sentiment, ensuring fairness, transparency, and responsible governance in all decision-making processes.

Embracing Community Collaboration

Genuine care for the success and growth of Elastos drives Hwedini and 4HM3D’s candidacy. They strongly believe in the power of collaboration with the community and actively seek input and feedback from its members. By valuing different opinions and actively listening to community voices, they aim to create a more inclusive and supportive environment within the Elastos ecosystem.

Transparency and Responsible Governance

Transparency and clarity are core principles for Hwedini and 4HM3D. They understand the importance of establishing clear and regular communication between the CRC and the community. By providing timely updates and transparent communication, they build trust and ensure community members are well-informed about CRC activities and decisions. This approach aims to avoid any disappointments or misunderstandings caused by a lack of communication, which may have occurred in the past in some instances.

Optimal Management of the CR Treasury

Hwedini and 4HM3D recognize the importance of managing the CR Treasury effectively. They propose creating a decentralized venture capital-like arm of the CRC to maximize the treasury’s potential. Additionally, they advocate for diversifying the treasury funds to reduce the impact of short-term volatility in ELA. By implementing these measures, they aim to safeguard the long-term sustainability and growth of Elastos’ ecosystem.


Hwedini and 4HM3D’s joint candidacy for Council membership within the Elastos ecosystem brings together their diverse backgrounds, expertise, and shared passion for Elastos’ vision. Their commitment to transparency, responsible governance, and community collaboration positions them as ideal candidates to lead Elastos. By promoting Elastos’ values, actively engaging with the community, and optimizing treasury management, they aim to create a transparent, inclusive, and supportive environment for the growth and success of Elastos.

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