Elastos taps Crowdcreate to Support its Ecosystem Growth

Leading decentralized ecosystem and tech provider, Elastos has announced it has retained industry leading Web3 marketing agency, Crowdcreate to support its emergence as a complete Web3 ecosystem and technology provider for decentralized products and services. 

With clients and partners such as layer 1 leaders Solana and Celo as well as popular Web3 and metaverse projects like The Sandbox, Upland and Jam City and even global real-world brands, such as NFL, Lenovo and Renault, Crowdcreate is considered one of the best growth marketing agencies in the industry. For Elastos, they will focus on expanding the audience for Elastos’ ecosystem projects and decentralized technology stack, leveraging their extensive influencer and media networks. 

“Elastos has come a long way since the early days of crypto,” says Ivan Kan, Co-Founder of Crowdcreate. “They are one of the few legacy projects that has not only survived, but has delivered on their visionary promise to build the foundational components of a decentralized Web3. We’re excited to help them reach new audiences and grow their amazing community.”

As strategic partners, Crowdcreate will look for opportunities to leverage Elastos’ decentralized identity solutions, foster partnerships and participate in community activities. 

“After a successful ‘snap back’ from a relatively quiet five years of building, Elastos can now boast a fully functional SDK suite for developers who are looking to build the next generation of decentralized solutions and platforms,” says Jamie Read, Strategy Lead for Elastos. “Since 2023 began, we’ve built amazing partnerships with the likes of Alibaba Cloud and Celo while reintroducing ourselves to the world of Web3. Now, we’re looking forward to working with Crowdcreate, to further expand awareness of our ecosystem to developers and projects that can benefit from our suite of decentralized identity solutions.”

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.