Advancing Elastos with Expertise: Sash for CR Council

The Elastos Cyber Republic Council has been a hub of diverse minds coming together to tackle challenges and shape the future of Elastos. As the CR continues its journey, one candidate stands out for his unwavering commitment, expertise, and invaluable contributions to the Elastos ecosystem. Sash, a representative of Elacity, brings a unique perspective and a track record of consistency and trustworthiness, making him an ideal candidate for the CR Council.

A Journey of Diverse Experiences

Sash’s background in the creative industries and technology has given him a unique skill set and a deep appreciation for the intersection of creativity and technology. With experience in music production and the film industry, having worked on renowned projects like James Bond and Jurassic World, Sash understands the power of digital creations and the potential of technology to drive global independence and free creativity. Sash has also worked for world renowned companies such as Disney, Netflix and Universal Studios.

A Passion for Elastos

Sash’s journey with Elastos began in late 2017 when he discovered the project while developing an ICO directory platform. Sash became an active voice within the Elastos Orchard group, becoming an evangelist for the project, especially in Europe. He then founded Elacity, a platform dedicated to developing the data monetization layer for Web3 using Elastos’ tech stack such as DID, Verified Credentials, Carrier, Hive, DRM, etc. His passion for Elastos and dedication to its success shine through his ongoing contributions and commitment.

In April of 2023,, Sash achieved a significant milestone by successfully passing a Proposal to reintroduce one of Elastos’ original four pillars, Runtime, back into the system. Sash strongly believes that this technology is the crucial component needed to create the authentic Elastos Web3. Through his unwavering vision and tireless efforts behind the scenes, Sash is making a valuable contribution towards showcasing Elastos’ complete tech stack to the community and the world. This achievement is set to empower individuals in harnessing the full potential of Web3 for a better future.

Consistency and Trustworthiness

The Elacity creator’s unwavering dedication to the Elastos ecosystem is evident in his track record. As the one of the very few members who have been on every Council since its inception three years ago, Sash has voted on 114 Proposals and maintained a perfect 100% voting record. This consistency and reliability demonstrates his commitment to safeguarding the best interests of the Elastos community and ecosystem.

Technical Expertise and Innovation

Sash’s involvement in innovation and exploration of new territories in Web3, through Elacity, adds immense value to his candidacy. Sash’s technical perspective and understanding enables him to contribute valuable insights to the Council.

By integrating Elastos toolsets and focusing on data monetization and user experience, Sash aims to drive adoption and forge alliances with external partners. His vision aligns with Rong’s vision and the Elastos whitepaper, ensuring the success of Elacity and the overall growth of Elastos.

Driving Adoption and Inclusivity

A deep part of Sash’s value is recognizing the importance of broader adoption and avoiding the creation of walled gardens within Elastos. He emphasizes the need to encourage using decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and Hive data vault business models. 

By prioritizing inclusivity and establishing alliances, Sash aims to attract new users, integrate Elastos APIs into popular services, and enhance the overall market-oriented approach of Elastos.


Sash’s candidacy for the Elastos CR Council represents a choice for consistency, trustworthiness, and technical expertise. His ongoing contributions through Elacity and his commitment to the success of Elastos make him an invaluable asset to the Council. 

With a focus on driving adoption, forging alliances, and promoting inclusivity, Sash’s vision aligns perfectly with the goals and aspirations of the Elastos community. As Elastos moves forward, Sash’s presence on the Council promises to bring invaluable insights and contribute to realizing Elastos’ full potential.

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