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Oct 15, 2023

A Message to Elastos

Elastos Infinity. Infinity represents an unbounded or limitless quantity which can have a direction, positive or negative when discussing sequences or series.

Technologies often experience what is called an “adoption S-curve”,  a model on how innovation spreads through a population over time.  They struggle through an initial period of low adoption, gain traction as they resolve their primary challenges, and finally saturate the market. The steepness and length of the curve can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the technology and societal readiness. Elastos represents a comprehensive attempt at decentralising not just financial transactions but the entire internet experience, from how we communicate to how we control our digital assets. It’s built to facilitate the creation of decentralised applications (dApps) that run on a network of peer-to-peer nodes rather than centralised servers.

When we each found out about Elastos, we were inspired to be a part of something meaningful. Individuals globally should have sovereignty over their data. Communication channels should be secure and free from unauthorised surveillance. Ownership and transfer of digital assets should be clear and indisputable and economic systems should fairly reward contribution and value generation. 

Converging external factors—ranging from technological advancements and data growth to economic inequalities and global interconnectedness—are amplifying the need for Elastos to enhance human agency, the capacity to make choices, and the ability to exercise control over one’s digital environment. Inflection points arise when a unique confluence of factors disrupt existing feedback loops or create new ones. This is not possible without perseverance to persist in actions that are aligned with achieving specific goals. 

As a result of everyone’s hard work over the past 5 years, Elastos is reaching a moment where we can show its vision in unison, and the world feels increasingly more ready for it, a breakthrough moment. As ecosystem teams and the community work hard to move us into this new paradigm, effective exchange of information is crucial. Official communication channels serve as the primary means of circulating accurate and timely information to both internal and external stakeholders. Managing official publications and socials allows for a unified messaging strategy that represents the brand identity. 

As a testament to our increasing technological power, 12 community-elected individuals under the Cyber Republic Council—who operate on one of Elastos’ dedicated, decentralised identity blockchains with transparency and traceability—voted our team, Infinity, to represent Elastos’ communications and maintenance. You can read our on-chain proposal here and learn more about us and our goals. Starting today, we will provide professional publishing and maintenance across Elastos channels. We will represent the community; we come from the community; we understand the technology; and we are fully aware of the responsibility and professional representation Elastos needs. Here is our team;

Team Infinity

  • Team Lead: Ahmed, CRC Council Member and Elastos Guardian, oversees the entire operation, coordinates the team, and ensures alignment with strategic objectives. Also responsible for external communication and comprehensive proofreading.
  • Writer/Editor: Sash, CRC Council Member and CEO of Elacity writes and edits articles, collaborates on content strategy, and ensures SEO optimisation.
  • Graphic Designer: Napatr, Web3 Graphic and UI/X Designer creates visual elements that align with the Elastos brand, and content strategy.
  • Social Media Manager: Remedy, active since 2018, continues to manage and curate content across various social media platforms, including captioning and headline writing.
  • Technical Support Advisor: Mbutcho, CRC Council Member and Elastos Guardian, maintains the technical aspects of the Elastos.info website, ensuring it is functional, secure, and up-to-date.

We would like to thank all those who came before us for their high standard of work. These teams include CR News Team, CR Press Team, The Moderators, Info Team and Digerati; Elastos’ journey would not be the same without you. Infinity represents an unbounded or limitless quantity which can have a direction, positive or negative when discussing sequences or series. We will be transparent, educational, bold and collaborative. We are here to serve you, to work with ecosystem teams, to provide leadership and to listen to your feedback and support. Elastos is moving into the next phase of its adoption S-curve, it will be exciting, and our plan is to bring a new, refreshed approach to how we communicate and brand Elastos, starting now. Onwards. Upwards. Elastos!

“Elastos SmartWeb has recently made significant progress, including a blockchain public chain, EVM-compatible sidechains, a W3C-compliant and EVM-compatible DID-specific sidechain, personal storage (Data Vault) required for network computers, decentralised public storage based on IPFS, personal micro-websites, and decentralised (Virtual Circuit) communication from person-to-person. In other words, Elastos SmartWeb has essentially completed the Internet computer vision. Thanks to the Elastos community and its dedicated developers.” — Rong Chen, Elastos Founder


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