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The Elastos ecosystem is a bold and burgeoning Web3 community of users, developers, thought leaders, and project teams developing the next generation of the digital universe.

As a diverse and decentralized community committed to the principles and ethos of the emergent Web3 paradigm, the Elastos ecosystem is open and free to join for any and all individuals and organizations in the digital space.

Elastos Ecosystem

Check out the groundbreaking platforms our community teams are building:

Alibaba Cloud, founded in 2009, is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, providing services to thousands of enterprises, developers, and governments organizations in more than 200 countries and regions.

Alibaba Cloud

Your digital transformation partner in Asia

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Tencent Cloud provides Web3 enterprises and startups with stable and secure infrastructure

Tencent Cloud

Web3 Solution

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Celo is the carbon-negative, mobile-first, EVM-compatible blockchain ecosystem leading a thriving new digital economy for all.


Blockchain ecosystem

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An Elastos-native metaverse with a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, digital asset exchange, social features, and much more.


Decentralized Marketplace

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Feeds is a decentralized social media application where users can create profiles, share content, and follow friends while retaining true ownership of their data.


Decentralized Social Media

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A decentralized lending platform that generates personalized credit scores and financial services from off-chain data sources.


Credit-based Lending Platform

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Platform that generates W3C-compliant DIDs and verifiable credentials that users can download directly into identity wallets such as Elastos Essentials.


Decentralized Identity (DID) Platform

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Your one-time & forever crypto web address to secure your digital destiny.

Elastos Name Sevice (.ELA)

ELA Domains

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Decentralized marketplace to share, display, and exchange NFTs.


Web3.0 DeMKT

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